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Thank you for purchasing our services at MEDIA SOLUTIONS ONLINE LLC. As a guarantee of our work, the company MEDIA SOLUTIONS ONLINE LLC. offers a refund policy governed by the following clauses and conditions:

Updated April 10, 2024

1. Reimbursement is understood to be the operation by which an individual, agency or company receives back an amount of money or property that had previously been subscriber, in various circumstances.

2. The time stipulated for the delivery of the website is 5 to 7 business days.

3. The deadline for requesting a refund it will be within 7 days of your purchase.

4. After the seven days mentioned in the numeral 3, there is no refund.

5. The causes for requesting reimbursement are following:
to. The website is faulty or damaged
b. The benefits were not obtained offered the sales consultant.
c. The repair you requested did not resolve the issue. problem.

6. The guarantee can only be exercised when the structures of our website present faults that prevent their normal use, and not for character problems staff.

7. These are requirements to request a refund the following:
7.1. Present the receipt or proof of buys.
7.2. Explain clearly and in detail the inconvenient.

8. Notification will be provided to the interested party, of resolution of said request.

9. If the reimbursement is approved, will automatically process and apply a credit to your credit card or payment method original payment.

10. Once the transaction is done, you will need to review your account banking, taking into consideration that for this management the entity has a term to notify you.


As Responsible and renowned company, puts your disposal email, where can clarify any doubt or suggestion and we will gladly assist you, or call the phone 704-659-4915 or 757-744-3012

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Media Solutions Online is a company located in Houston TX, founded more than 5 years ago with the aim of developing in the field of digital marketing, our founders have the solid knowledge and necessary to develop the best campaigns to have an online presence and that will grow your business.

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